Russia: PF Task Force Heads for Kamchatka


Pacific Fleet (PF) task force headed by Capt 1 rank Viktor Sokolov and consisting of Guard missile cruiser Varyag, large ASW ships Admiral Vinogradov, Admiral Tributs, and destroyer Bystry performs training tasks in the northern part of the Sea of Japan; the force is heading for Kamchatka in order to attend large-scale maneuvers of Eastern Military District.

The task force command has formed several surface ship groups conducting various functions, and arranged all kinds of drills and defenses on the way to the exercise area.

ASW aviation permanently assists PF task force along the whole cruise route. It performs scheduled flights in order to search and detect “enemy” submarines and conducts long-range antisubmarine patrols.

PF marine units on board the ships carry out anti-terror drills in the night time.

Recall that Eastern Military District will hold active phase of large-scale maneuvers in mid-Sept near Kamchatka Peninsula. In the course of the exercise, PF warships will perform missile, torpedo, and gun firings, as well as landing assault operation on unprepared coast.

In total, over 50 warships and support vessels, 50 aircrafts, and up to 10,000 military servicemen and civilian specialists will participate in the coming exercise.

Source: rusnavy, September 12, 2011;