Russia: Bulava Launch Fails in Aug. Because Unstable Operation in Missile System


The reason of the first abortive test launch of SLBM Bulava in Aug was unstable operation of some particular elements in the missile system, reported RIA Novosti referring to a high-ranking representative of Russian Defense Ministry.

The postponed launch was scheduled on Aug 20. The missile was effectively launched later, on Aug 27.

“It was supposed to be a test on maximum flight range, right up to Hawaii. That launch was of great importance. In the first time we failed to conduct the test neither because of missile engineering industry nor intercompany cooperation nor Moscow Thermotechnics Institute, but due to the fault of Rubin design bureau and Sevmash shipyard. The problem was unstable operation of some particular elements of the missile system”, said the interviewee.

Thus, one minor element in the missile system could have placed the whole future of Russia’s maritime nuclear missile shield in jeopardy, noted the spokesman.

He added, however, that the minor defect had been eliminated in a week, and SSBN Yury Dolgoruky had successfully launched Bulava missile.

Source: rusnavy, September 13, 2011;