Russia: NF Rescuers Test New Deep-Sea Equipment


New deep-sea submersible Panther Plus was commissioned into Northern Fleet (NF) Search and Rescue Service last year; it can be effectively used at depths inaccessible for divers – down to 1,500 meters.

Deep-sea submersible Panther Plus consists of remotely piloted vehicle placed in a special container and unreeled to the needed depth. Panther is equipped with manipulators to conduct various works. The submersible is moved by screws making it take required position with high accuracy.

All equipment is placed in three containers, easily transported, and can be carried by any ship with appropriate displacement.

Specialists of NF Search and Rescue Service on Sept 9 tested Panther Plus submersible in the Kola Bay from the board of KIL-145. They practiced searching of sunken objects lying on the sea bottom. The submersible’s crew is going to perform similar operations next week in the Barents Sea.

Source: rusnavy, September 13, 2011;