BF, French Warships Exercise in Baltic Sea


Baltic Fleet (BF) harbor minesweeper Sergei Kolbasiev and French Navy’s minesweeper Céphée held joint counter-mine exercise in the Baltic Sea, told BF Information Support Group to Central Navy Portal.

The ships practiced search and detection of mines by sonar and remotely-controlled mine seeker, tactical maneuvering, and underway transshipment. Drills were held in severe gale conditions; there was 4-grade sea disturbance in the Baltic.

BF search-and-rescue helicopter Ka-27PS was also involved in the maneuvers and had a training task to assist crew of a distressed vessel. Allegedly, a French sailor was in need of emergency medicine.

A rescuer lowered from the helicopter on a winch on board the French ship, and evacuated the “sufferer” to harbor minesweeper Sergei Kolbasiev for medical aid. Then the sailor was returned to Céphée by the same means.

Russian and French approaches to mine search and detection differs. That is why there were experience exchange groups aboard both ships.

On French minesweeper Céphée was a group of Russian servicemen headed by BF Harbor Defense Ship Division Capt 1 rank Pavel Prosekov. French colleagues demonstrated capabilities of remotely-controlled mine seeker during search, detection, and identification of underwater objects. Russian minesweeper Sergei Kolbasiev performed analogous operations by sonar.

Upon termination of the joint exercise, there was a summary briefing on board minesweeper Céphée. French servicemen thanked Russian counterparts for hospitality and professional teamwork of Sergei Kolbasiev‘s crew during joint maneuvers.

On Sept 9 French Navy’s minesweeper Céphée left Russian territorial waters. The ship is going to call at ports Kiel and Seebrucke, and then will return to permanent basing site in Brest (France).

Source: rusnavy, September 14, 2011;