Russian Patrol Ship Deagestan Starts Sea Trials


Patrol ship Dagestan being built by Zelenodolsk Shipyard left the yard on Sept 13 and via internal waterways moved towards Novorossiysk to hold sea trials, told a source in defense industry to Central Navy Portal. Dagestan is the second Project 11661K ship built by Zelenodolsk Shipyard for Russian Navy. The first one – Caspian Flotilla’s flagship Tatarstan – was commissioned in 2003.

Patrol ship Dagestan is to serve in the Caspian Sea as well; she has significant distinctions in arms comparing to the predecessor. This is the first Russian Navy’s ship armed with multipurpose missile system Caliber-NK capable to use several types of high-precision missiles against surface and coastal targets at distances up to 300 km.

The ship is going to reach Novorossiysk in Sept and start integrated sea trials on Oct 1 including tests of radioelectronics and arms. It is planned to hand over Patrol ship Dagestan to the Navy in 2012.

Performance characteristics:

Full-load displacement – 1,900 tons


– length – 102.2 meters

– beam – 13.1 meters

– draft – 4.5 meters

Full speed – 28 knots

Fuel range – 5,000 nautical miles at 10 knots

Endurance – 15 days

Propulsion – CODAG (2 gas turbines, overall power 29,000 shp + 1×8,000-shp diesel)


– 1×8-tube Caliber-NK missile launcher

– 1 Palma antiaircraft gun/missile system

– 1×76-mm gun mount AK-176M

– 2×14.5-mm pedestal machinegun mounts

– Mineral-M radar system

– Pozitiv-M1 general detection radar

– Sigma tactical data system

– TK-25 electronic warfare system

– PK-10 passive jamming system

Crew is about 120 men including 12 officers

Source: rusnavy, September 18, 2011;