Halifax-Class Frigate HMCS Winnipeg Prepares for MLR


HMCS Winnipeg is preparing for a Mid-Life Refit (MLR). The ship will receive extensive work to improve capability against modern threats as it reaches its mid-life period.

The 12 Canadian-built HALIFAX class multi-role patrol frigates are considered the backbone of the Canadian Navy​. They can deploy anywhere in the world – with NATO, US carrier battle groups or other allied nations.

Commissioned between 1992 and 1996, the class is currently undergoing a planned mid-life modernization, primarily for the combat systems. This modernization reflects an ongoing commitment to providing the Canadian Forces​ with the equipment needed to meet the rigorous demands of their tasks. The Canada First Defence Strategy has provided long-term and predictable funding to ensure these needs are met. the modernization will include a new command and control system, new radar capability, a new electronic warfare system and upgraded communications and missiles. Separate refit and stand-alone projects will include installation of new mechanical systems and modifications to accommodate the new Cyclone helicopters and a new military satellite communications system.

In March 2008, the government awarded two contracts for the on-going maintenance and repair of the frigates – $549 million to Halifax Shipyards of Nova Scotia and $351 million to Victoria Shipyards Company Limited of British Columbia.

In November 2008, after a competitive bidding process, Lockheed Martin Canada​ was awarded the combat systems integration contract. Under the contract, Lockheed Martin Canada must procure, install and integrate the modernized combat systems and provide the long-term in-service support of the command and control system.

HCM/FELEX began in 2005 and will see the first ship enter its mid-life refit in October 2010 with the final ship upgrade completed in 2017.


Source: dnd, September 22, 2011