Russia: Young Officers Met With BF Commander Vice Admiral Viktor Chirkov


Organizational meeting of Baltic Fleet (BF) command with young lieutenants took place in Kaliningrad Officers’ Club under direction of BF Commander Vice Admiral Viktor Chirkov, told BF Information Support Group to Central Navy Portal.

Over 300 graduates of military educational institutions were posted to Baltic Fleet in the current year, including 153 naval officers. 173 lieutenants were appointed to officer positions, others – to warrant- and petty officer posts. About one fourth of newcomers have sport achievement categories, 65 are married. Out of them, 17 officers have a child and three lieutenants – two children.

The meeting was opened by the speech of BF Commander VADM Viktor Chirkov who familiarized lieutenants with the history of the Russia’s oldest fleet, told about structure of Baltic Fleet and emphasized that in 1995 the first Russian all-arms force was established in Kaliningrad region.

“Presently, Baltic Fleet protects national interests at western strategic theater including aquatic areas of the Baltic and the North seas”, said VADM Viktor Chirkov. “Every year Baltic Fleet participates in large-scale exercises including international ones. Through the two recent years crews of Nastoichivy, Geizer, Morshansk, and Vasily Tatischev has been executing combat tasks in the Baltic Sea. Frigate Neustrashimy performed anti-piracy mission in the Gulf of Aden. Baltic Fleet mariners paid official visits to Netherlands, Turkey, Spain, Romania, Greece, Portugal, and Finland. Minesweepers Sergei Kolbasiev and BT-230 successfully accomplished training tasks of the Open Spirit joint exercise. In the nearest term, the fleet will hold verificatory tactical drill; frigate Yaroslav Mudry is preparing for long-range cruise”, Chirkov said.

BF Military Judge Col Sergei Tsipushtanov told young officers about law and order at the fleet, outlined current problems typical for military community, and named officer’s duties to prevent crimes and discipline violations.

BF Deputy Commander for Personnel Capt 1 rank Oleg Molchanov reported about draftees coming to serve in the fleet, drawing attention to qualitative characteristics of non-commissioned personnel. He emphasized new educative role of officers in subordinate units.

Representatives of BF services and departments informed young officers on topical issues of training process, rations, finance, and clothing support.

Source: rusnavy, September 22, 2011