Russia: CF Task Units Join Center-2011 Exercise


Caspian Flotilla (CF) task units arrived at northern and central parts of the Caspian Sea to attend joint strategic exercise Center-2011, reports CF Information Support Group.

Being the main training activity of the year and comprising servicemen of Russia, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, and Tajikistan, joint exercise Center-2011 started on Sept 19. It is planned to sum up results of this large-scale activity on Sept 27 at Russian training range Chebarkul, Chelyabinsk region.

According to Russian military, task group of CF Guard Gunboat Division headed by the division commander Capt 2 rank Sergei Babskov will counter “terrorists” at anchorage in non-protected harbor, and conduct air defense activities with antiaircraft firings.

Sailors have already practiced approach to tanker for alongside refueling.

Reportedly, task group of CF Minesweeper Division headed by Capt 3 rank Pavel Golovkin carried out training mine search and exterminated mine obstacles in northern part of the Caspian Sea.

Besides, landing task group with marine battalion on board practiced underway defenses at sea and arrived in harbor of Aktau port, Kazakhstan to prepare for landing on unprepared shore. The task group commander is Capt 1 rank Kirill Taranenko.

In total, Caspian Flotilla dispatched about 1,000 servicemen, 10 surface ships, landing boats, and supply vessels, and about 20 combat and special-purpose vehicles to participate in the Center-2011 exercise.

Source: rusnavy, September 23, 2011