Russia: SSBN K-433 “Does Not Need Repair” PF Assistant Says


Nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) K-433 Svyatoi Georgy Pobedonosets did not suffer serious damages as a result of a ram carried out by fishing seiner Donets, told various officials to news agencies.

For instance, Pacific Fleet (PF) Assistant Judge Roman Kolbanov told to RIA Novosti that the sub “does not need repair”. According to the examination held, there are no serious damages or dents on the sub, only hull rubber coating suffered.

PF Commander’s press secretary Capt 1 rank Roman Martov confirmed the procuracy’s information; as for him, neither submarine nor seiner were hot damaged as a result of the incident.

Recall that the collision happened on Sept 21 at 02.10 am (local time) in the Avachinskaya Harbor. Fishing seiner Donets belonging to JSC Rybnoye passed by fishing trawler Kormchiy on opposite course and tangentially rammed stern part of the submarine. Having noticed approaching seiner, a watchman on board the sub tried to get on radio contact. When failed, he started to launch flares. Finally, Donets began maneuvering but could not pass the sub without collision. It was found out that the seiner’s navigation aids were serviceable and did detect the submarine. According to military servicemen boarded the seiner right after collision, all sailors on board were drunk.

Reportedly, at the moment of collision the sub was staying in surface position with navigation lights on. According to some sources, the submarine was degaussing.

An inquiry into the incident is currently in progress.

SSBN Svyatoi Georgy Pobedonosets has arrived at the base of PF 25th Strategic Submarine Division in Viliuchinsk, Kamchatka.

Source: rusnavy, September 26, 2011