PF Task Unit Visits Maizuru, Japan


Pacific Fleet (PF) task unit consisting of Guard missile cruiser Varyag, tanker Irkut, and sea-going tug MB-66 pays courtesy visit to Japanese port Maizuru (Honshu Island), told PF Information Support Group to Central Navy Portal.

In the first day of the visit, on Sept 25, Russian official delegation headed by the task unit commander Capt 1 rank Sergei Zhuga laid wreath at the memorial to Japanese naval servicemen died on duty.

Later on that day, a bilateral meeting was held in order to plan SAREX joint exercise coming soon to practice search-and-rescue operations, maneuvering, and communications. In the evening, there was a banquette given by Maizuru naval base command at the host ship, destroyer Akebono.

Today, on Sept 26, Russian and Japanese servicemen played friendly volleyball game, PF delegation paid courtesy visit to Maizuru Mayor, and bilateral SAREX consultations were continued. In the evening, Russian guests plan to give a return banquette on board Guard missile cruiser Varyag.

The remarkable fact is that the current visit is the second call of Russian warships to Maizuru. Previously, this port was visited by PF task unit headed by large ASW ship Admiral Panteleyev in 2006.

When the visit is over, Russian ships will head for Mariana Islands to take part in joint anti-terror exercise along with US Navy. PF large ASW ship Marshall Shaposhnikov visited Mariana Islands four years ago.

Source: rusnavy, September 27, 2011