Australia: Navy, Army and Air Force Assets Join Forces for Exercise


Peaceful waters of the Northern Territory’s Dundee Beach came alive recently as the venue played host to a spectacular beach landing and extraction.

Navy, Army and Air Force Assets joined forces for the exercise, which marked the conclusion of the Minor War Vessel Concentration Period 2-2011.

Two waves of amphibious vehicles swept onto Dundee Beach and secured the location for the mock extraction of Land Forces and Australian Embassy Staff. Army’s LARCS rendezvoused with 2 CAV while ASLAV’s stormed the beach from an airstrip.

Amid gunfire, Navy’s Landing Heavy Craft were deployed with air support, conducting a dry-door beaching to rapidly extract personnel from the ‘hostile’ coastline.

Commander Alex Hawes, Commander Sea Training Minor War Vessels said the scenario was a challenge the crews skilfully met.

“This was no small order. The unsurveyed waters required a high degree of interaction. Navy’s Mine Hunters used their sonar to search, survey and chart the seaward approaches while amphibious assets used the data to land. This was critical for the mission to succeed,” said Commander Hawes.

“This exercise has re-affirmed our interoperability with Army and Air Force and our confidence that the Navy’s fleet of minor war vessels is always ready to respond.”

“This exercise follows a long history of amphibious operations by the Australian Defence Force that will soon evolve into the formidable new capability to be provided by the acquisition of the Canberra Class Amphibious Assault Ships (LHDs),” said Commander Hawes.

Source: navy, September 28, 2011