Israel: DSIT Solutions Gets Awards for STT


DSIT Solutions Ltd., a subsidiary of Acorn Energy Inc., has announced the receipt of multiple awards for its recently delivered Submarine Tactical Trainer (STT). DSIT’s STT simulator provides a full representation of the spectrum of submarine weapon systems, sonar sensors, and Command and Control application as they are on the Israeli Navy’s Dolphin submarines.

DSIT successfully completed the $8 million project several months ago and since then the simulator has been operating around the clock to train submarine crews. Satisfaction with the simulator has made it an integral part of the Navy’s training for all levels of tactical submarine operators and led to its recognition by various prestigious bodies.

The IDF Communications and Computer Corps awarded DSIT’s Submarine Simulator Project with its 2011 “Prize for Excellence and Creative Thinking”. The company also received the highly valued “Chief Naval Officer Award” granted by the Commander of the Israeli Navy. The award was given for the high level of technology and excellence displayed in the project. In addition, the reputable professional journal “People and Computers”, which conducts a yearly competition for special projects involving high level computer based R&D, has noted DSIT’s project for its technological excellence.

The high level of realism, technology and precision displayed in all of the STT modules are chief among the many features that have led to its recognition by so many important sources. We believe that this level of recognition provides a strong message to navies and fleets around the world that may be looking to procure similar systems or derivatives of this simulator,” said Dan Ben-Dov, DSIT’s VP Sales and Marketing. “Our sonar simulators represent one branch of a growing family of advanced sonar and acoustic projects that DSIT has completed for the Israeli Navy, including the supply of a Portable Deep Water Acoustic Range, Hull Mounted Sonar system and others.”

Benny Sela, DSIT’s CEO, commented that “We are proud to work closely with the Israeli Navy and to have received its recognition as well as that of the software community for our work on this project. Thanks to our talented and experienced technical teams, DSIT was able to provide in a timely manner a highly advanced Tactical Trainer to the Israeli Navy. We have already begun discussions with a number of customers to produce sonar training applications based on the building blocks developed in this project.”

John Moore, CEO of Acorn Energy stated, “Once again an Acorn company has demonstrated how a highly skilled and effective management team can create a security product in collaboration with the Israeli Navy which can have broader military as well as commercial applications. The technical challenges posed to us by our customers at the world’s leading navies led to our commercial seismic product line at US Seismic and our port security product at DSIT.”

About DSIT

DSIT develops sonar and acoustic solutions and acts as a system integrator for advanced Security and Safety Command and Control systems. The Company’s offerings are designed to provide the latest in technology and its intelligent application for the energy, commercial, defense and homeland security markets. The company’s offerings include: PortView Harbor Surveillance System (HSS), AquaShield™ Diver Detection Sonar (DDS), PointShield™ Portable DDS, Sonar Simulators and Trainers, Mobile Acoustic Ranges (MAR), and Underwater Acoustic Signal Analysis (UASA) systems.

Source: PRNewswire, September 29, 2011