UK: Royal Navy Announces First Wave of Redundancies


Today, the Royal Navy has notified those of our people who have been selected for redundancy in Tranche 1 of the Armed Forces’ Redundancy Programme. Notifications have been made by Commanding Officers or a delegated Notifying Officer, either face-to-face in their Ship or establishment, or, where this is not possible, by telephone. Approximately 1,020 people have been notified that they are to be made redundant of whom around 670 are Applicants and 350 Non-applicants.

For the majority of those who have been selected, this is the result of a decision on their part to apply to be considered for redundancy, and they may feel that this opens the door to a different career and exciting new opportunities. For many others, who have not fully contemplated the prospect of redundancy, this news is likely to be unexpected and unwelcome.

Each of those selected, either as an Applicant or Non-applicant, has been given a personally addressed letter explaining the decision that has been made together with a forecast of the financial implications of their selection. This is accompanied by a written guide, detailing the sources of advice and support available to them during the career transition process.

For all those made redundant the news that will be delivered today will mark a significant change in their lives affecting them as individuals and their families. As they prepare to return to civilian life, they will all receive the full support of the Divisional System and their Chain of Command and will receive a comprehensive resettlement package to assist with this transition.

There are a number of people who have today been notified of redundancy who are deployed or serving overseas. Arrangements will be made to return them to the UK in sufficient time to start the resettlement process. Applicants selected for redundancy will serve up to six-months’ notice and the aim is for them to be employed in the UK by 16 December 2011. Non-applicants will serve up to 12-months notice and the aim is for them to be employed in the UK by 30 June 2012.

This will inevitably result in a degree of ‘churn’ as people are moved between units. Those personnel who, through their contribution to operations at sea or on land, qualify for an Operational Exemption from Tranche 1 of the Redundancy Programme, have not been selected unless they are Applicants.

There will be up to three further tranches of redundancy delivered by April 2015, to enable the manpower reductions required. It is fully recognised that this is an unsettling time our personnel and their families.

Source: royalnavy, October 02, 2011