FGS KÖLN Saves Five Somali Fishermen


EUNAVFOR warship FGS KÖLN came to the rescue of five Somali fishermen drifting in the Indian Ocean in a broken-down fishing whaler and returned them safely to the shore.

The Somali fishermen has been drifting for nine days following the breakdown of their engine and without any communication equipment available to call for help, had built a makeshift sail and try to head for land but were making little progress.

The fishing whaler was detected by a Spanish Maritime Patrol & Reconnaissance Aircraft (MPA) which was operating as part of the EUNAVFOR counter-piracy operations in the area and the German warship FGS KÖLN closed from over 100 miles away to render assistance.

Technicians from the KOLN inspected the engine but it was beyond repair so the fishermen were taken aboard FGS KÖLN, given food and fresh water and transported to the Somali coast where they have been landed safely. This incident demonstrates the versatility of the military presence provided by EUNAVFOR and the swift response by the crew of the MPRA and the KOLN undoubtedly saved the fishermen’s lives.

Source: eunavfor, October 06, 2011