Russia: Zvezda Shipyard to Receive Draft Budget for 2012


Draft budget for 2012 and planned period of 2013-2014 prepared for parliamentary consideration provides RUR 157.2 mln for JSC Zvezda Shipyard (Bolshoi Kamen, Far East).

In particular, it is planned to appropriate RUR 15 mln in 2012, 52.2 mln in 2013, and 88.5 mln in 2014.

JSC Zvezda Shipyard is an enterprise specialized in repairing of Pacific Fleet submarines and the only shipyard in the Far East capable to repair, refit, and revamp nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines. JSC Far East Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Center (affiliate holding of JSC United Shipbuilding Corporation) holds 78.73% equity shares of Zvezda shipyard.

Source: rusnavy, October 06, 2011