US Navy’s Delegation Completes Training of Ukrainian Navy Units


US Navy’s delegation has completed training of Ukrainian Navy units in damage control matters, reported Ukrainian defense ministry’s press service.

The American delegation consisting of US Navy’s damage control instructors was accompanied by officers of Ukrainian Navy HQ.

American instructors taught Ukrainian servicemen how to use US-made damage control equipment and inspected sites for its installation. The equipment will be delivered to Ukraine in the nearest term as a US Government’s material and technical aid.

Reportedly, that would be breathing apparatuses, air compressors, thermal sensors, air quality testers, and devices detecting people in fumigated or burning premises.

Being in Ukraine, American instructors visited the Nakhimov Naval Academy, familiarized with its damage control training facilities and boarded frigate Getman Sagaidachny, reported Ukrainian defense ministry’s press service.

Source: rusnavy, October 06, 2011