UK: 7th TRADE Meeting Took Place at EU NAVFOR Operational Headquarters



The 7th meeting of the Training Awareness and De-confliction (TRADE) group took place on 4 October
at the Operational Headquarters of EU NAVFOR Operation ATALANTA in Northwood.

“TRADE is a very useful tool to co-ordinate and de-conflict training by different stakeholders”, said Rear Admiral Christian Canova, Deputy Operation Commander EU NAVFOR Somalia, as he welcomed the participants to the meeting.

Admiral Canova mentioned the training of Vessel Protection Detachments (VPD) by NATO as a good example of international cooperation between different governments and organisations. Use of the AMISOM trained VPDs on AMISOM ships would reduces the demand for escorts by EUNAVFOR.

Another good example of effective Regional Maritime Capacity building is the training delivered by the UK to the Omani Navy, that enabled the Omani Navy to play a crucial role after the hijack of M/V FAIRCHEM BOGEY. Also the deployment of an Estonian VPD on board the French frigate FS SURCOUF which is currently taking part in Operation ATALANTA is a good example of international cooperation. Since time in port for delivering training is limited, coordination and de-confliction of training is required to make it efficient and effective.

Commander Hugo Verwijs, host and co-chair of the conference at the Operational Headquarters, summarizes the meeting – “We exchanged ideas, discussed the way ahead and took the next step in coordinating and de-conflicting our training efforts.”

Background information

TRADE is a voluntary coordination meeting attended by governments and organisations involved in assisting nations affected by piracy in order to develop the maritime security capabilities to successfully patrol their TTW and effectively deal with the threat posed by piracy in the region.

Its primary aim is to increase awareness and de-confliction of maritime tactical training capabilities inherent in the maritime forces operating in the Western Indian Ocean or additional training activities stakeholders wish to deploy to the region.

The TRADE also works to achieve efficiency by identifying initiatives stakeholders can collaboratively develop with partner nations.

The first TRADE was held in March 2010 and TRADE has been held approximately every quarter since then. The TRADE is co chaired by NATO (JFC Lisbon) and EUNAVFOR, participants are: NATO, EU, CMF/NAVCENT, IMO and others.

Source: eunavfor, October 07, 2011