Pacific Fleet Divers Clear Harbors Around Russky Island


Preparing for APEC 2011 Summit, divers of Pacific Fleet (PF) search-and-rescue unit are completing bottom cleaning works around Russky Island.

Junkyards of sunken ships have formed in some harbors of the island throughout the recent 50 years. Most of those ships were outworn and abandoned by shipowners.

Three harbors have been cleaned and 25 large-size objects have been picked up from the seabed within three years of intensive seasonal works. Experts say overall tonnage of “metal catch” is about 3,000 tons.

According to PF search-and-rescue unit Capt 1 rank Pavel Bozhok, all works were conducted normally and in accordance with approved schedule.

Different methods were used while the bottom-clearing works. Apart from “simple” pulling ashore, such complicated hardware was applied as salvage pontoons or floating cranes. Demolition works were actively used as well in order to facilitate lifting of underwater objects.

Source: rusnavy, October 10, 2011