FGS BAYERN Conducts Rendezvous with Dutch Supply Tanker to Replenish Fuel Tanks


After several days conducting counter-piracy operations in the area off the Horn of Africa, the German naval warship FGS BAYERN conducts a rendezvous with the Dutch Supply Tanker HNLMS ZUIDERKRUIS to replenish her fuel tanks.

Shortly after the tanker is alongside the frigate, the Replenishment at Sea (RAS) begins. Large hoses join the two ships and pumping starts; nearly 300 tons of diesel and over 30,000 litres of kerosene for the embarked helicopters, is transferred and after two hours, the ships separate and BAYERN departs, ready for the challenges ahead.

In addition to demonstrating the close cooperation between ships in the region, the ability to replenish warships at sea enables them to on task for extended periods which significantly enhances their operational capability and flexibility.

Source: eunavfor, October 11, 2011