JSC Severnaya Verf Shipyard to Deliver Corvette Soobrazitelny to Russian Defense Ministry on Oct 14


JSC Severnaya Verf shipyard will deliver corvette Soobrazitelny to Russian Defense Ministry on Oct 14, reported the shipyard’s press service.

Being the first serial ship of Project 20380, corvette Soobrazitelny has vital differences from the lead ship, corvette Stereguschiy commissioned in 2007.

Over 55 development projects were implemented and 38 new weapon systems were designed when building of Soobrazitelny, which is a serious impulse for revival of arms-producing companies. The customer’s requirements as of weapons, general-purpose systems, communication aids, automatics were also met. The hull and bulkhead were significantly re-designed during the project implementation, as well as weapon systems.

According to Andrei Fomichev, Severnaya Verf Director General, “delivery of Soobrazitelny goes on in strict conformity to the schedule approved by defense ministry“.

Currently, Severnaya Verf builds other two corvettes of this project – Boiky and Stoiky. By governmental decree, JSC Severnaya Verf was appointed the only deliverer of modernized Project 20385 corvettes; the contract for 4 ships has been already tied with defense ministry. As was earlier reported, Russian Navy needs 20 ships of this class.

Technically, production capabilities of Severnaya Verf shipyard makes possible to build three corvettes in a year. “As of today, Severnaya Verf is the only Russia’s shipyard having no problems with placement and execution of state defense contracts. Moreover, Severnaya Verf became the first company achieved state guarantee for defense order which is indicative of high confidence”, stressed Andrei Fomichev.

According to State Arms Program 2011-2020, Severnaya Verf is to deliver six Project 20380/20385 corvettes to defense ministry till 2018, and six Project 22350 frigates till 2020. Now Severnaya Verf constructs four Project 20380, two Project 22350 frigates, and one Project 18280 special communications vessel for Russian Navy.

Basic characteristics of Project 20380 corvette:

Length overall: 104.5 meters Beam overall: 13 meters Displacement: 2,200 tons Max speed: 27 knots Cruise speed: 14 knots Operational range: 4,000 miles Endurance: 30 days Crew: 10

The ship is equipped with Uran attack missile system, 100-mm bow gun, air defense systems, tactical data system, sonar, trailed antenna, and Ka-27 class deck-based helicopter.

The ship has low underwater noise and sonar interference levels. Secondary radar and thermal fields of the ship have been considerably reduced due to introduction of special architectural and design solutions.

Project 20380 sea-going multipurpose ship is designed for antisurface/antisubmarine/antiaircraft warfare as well as fire support of landing operations.

Project 20380 was designed by Almaz Design Bureau.

Source: rusnavy, October 12, 2011; Image: mdc