Ukraine to Sell Warships to Greece

Ukraine to Sell Warships to Greece

One of the purposes of state visit to be paid by Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich to Greece will be bilateral cooperation in shipbuilding, reports Radio Svoboda citing MP Anatoly Kinakh, the head of Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

“We have acquired wide experience in numerous areas, mostly in shipbuilding. It is very important to strengthen cooperation, especially in construction of air-cushion vessels”, he said.

“Some time ago Ukraine used to deliver such ships to Greek defense ministry”, pointed out Kinakh.

Recall that Ukraine delivered 4 air-cushion ships to Greece in 2000-2004; all of them joined Greek Navy. However, Greece had claims for quality.

In the last year Greece displayed interest in overhaul of Zubr-class air-cushion landing ships previously purchased from Ukraine; Greece wants them to be repaired at Ukrainian shipyards.

Zubr-class air-cushion ships were built by More Shipyard (Feodosiya, Crimea) late in 80’s. They are designed for embarkation of marines and combat vehicles, transportation by sea, landing them ashore, and fire support of landing assault operations. Besides, such ships can be used for transportation of mines and mine-laying.

Source: rusnavy, October 13, 2011; Image: gearpatrol