USA: Master Chief Petty Officer of Navy Sends 236th Navy Birthday Message


Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON)(SS/SW) Rick D. West sends his 236th Navy birthday Message to the Fleet Oct. 12.

“Shipmates and Navy families,

As we honor the birth of the United States Navy 236 years ago, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all Sailors, civilians and family members for their service and dedication to our great Navy team.

Our traditional maritime requirements, counter-piracy efforts and the many non-traditional missions we have adopted in support of overseas contingency operations are making a difference every day.

On any given day, we have at least 150 ships and 25 submarines underway, and let’s not forget about our Sailors who are boots on ground. That’s more than 40,000 Sailors who are deployed, on station around the world executing our Navy’s core capabilities of the maritime strategy.

From our beginning in 1775 with just six frigates to our present-day highly diversified, modern Fleet with a total of 285 deployable ships and submarines, our Navy is the best it has ever been. Our Navy has remained steadfast and ready for 236 years, and we continue to be ready to answer every call our nation makes thanks to your outstanding dedication and selfless support.

I also want to say “thank you” and express my sincere appreciation to our Navy families for your continued love and support of your Sailor and our Navy. You are the cornerstone of a Sailor’s readiness and your role is vitally important.

Please take a moment to remember the thousands of our Shipmates who are deployed around the world vigilantly standing the watch, and those who have gone before us in service to our great nation.

Happy birthday shipmates … you look pretty darn good to be 236 years old!


Source: navy, October 13, 2011