France: DCNS, IHI-MU Sign Contract for Helicopter Handling System


DCNS has signed a contract with the Japanese shipbuilder IHI-MU to supply a helicopter handling system for the Japan Coast Guard’s future Shikishima class patrol vessel.

System which allows the handling of one or two helicopters on a ship in safety even in rough sea. SAMAHE ensures secured transfers from the landing spot to the hangar even with high platform movements (roll, pitch, heave), insuring safe landing and take-off for crew and ship. SAMAHE is adaptable to all naval helicopters.

The Samahe system can be used alone or in conjunction with a DCNS designed harpoon-and-grid landing system. When used in combination, the Samahe system secures the helicopter by all weather.

The Samahe aims to:

increase the availability of the aircraft

assure high level of safety for the operators

minimise the crew dedicated to helicopter handling

long life cycle

To date, DCNS equipped more than 55 ships in 9 navies, and over 350 vessels worldwide have been fitted with DCNS landing grid.

Source: dcns, October 14, 2011