Military Personnel from Naval Forces to Attend Amphibious Operations Conference in London, UK


Military personnel from naval forces in the UK, India, US, Turkey, Italy, Sweden, Philippines and Netherlands will gather at Defence IQ’s 2nd Amphibious Operations conference in London this November.

Amphibious operations  continue to be a lynchpin of modern warfare. The ability to rapidly and effectively project power from sea to shore is a fundamental military capability, as shown most recently by Operation Unified Protector.

Amphibious Operations 2011  will investigate fundamental areas of focus with operational feedback from international amphibious forces including:

Commodore Sujeet Samaddar (ret), Former Principle Director Plans, Indian Navy

– Lieutenant General Richard Mills, Commander, Marine Corps Combat Development Command, US Marine Corps

– Major General Timothy Hanifen, Director, Expeditionary Warfare Division (N85), US Navy

– Brigadier Paul Denning, Assistant Chief of Staff Land and Littoral Manoeuvre, Navy Command HQ

– Colonel Haydn White, Deputy Commander, 3 Commando Brigade, Royal Marines

Amphibious Operations will provide an overview of current capabilities and requirements in the changing nature of amphibious operations and the latest developments in amphibious platforms and supporting technology including high speed ship to shore connectors, unmanned systems and mine countermeasures. Delegates can also attend an interactive workshop led by Dr Tim Benbow, Senior Lecturer at the Defence Academy on training the next generation of amphibious operations officer.

The Amphibious Operations media centre features exclusive podcasts with Patrick Spring, Programme Manager and Expeditionary Warfare Customer Advocate at the Naval Surface Warfare Centre Panama City and Col (ret) Vince Goulding, former US infantry Marine, and now Director of the Experiment Division at the Marine Corps Warfighting Lab.

Amphibious Operations will be held on 28th-30th November in London.

Source: PRNewswire, October 14, 2011; Image: navy