UK: Princess Royal Visits New Type 45 Destroyer

Princess Royal Visits New Type 45 Destroyer

Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal arrived by helicopter on the new Type 45 destroyer off Plymouth to witness the ship’s preparations for an arduous training package known as BOST – Basic Operational Sea Training.

HRH enjoyed a tour of the ship and saw the 190 sailors on board conducting their daily activities.

Diamond’s Commanding Officer, Commander Ian Clarke, said:

“Her Royal Highness has seen Diamond progress, having visited during build in Glasgow, last year in trials and now as we commence operational sea training, preparing to deploy in 2012.”

The Princess saw activities on the bridge, the sickbay, lunch preparations in the galley, the ship control centre, and warfare serials in the operations room.

She also enjoyed some relaxation with the crew in their respective messes.

She rounded off her visit by presenting medals to several crew members including a long service and good conduct award to Leading Regulator Howard Harris.

He said:

“It was an honour to receive my medal for good conduct from Her Royal Highness and shows you that when you work hard you do get rewarded. It’s just one of the things I like about the Royal Navy.”

Source: royalnavy, October 17, 2011