USS Port Royal Visits Mina Zayed

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USS Port Royal Visits Mina Zayed

Captain Eric F. Weilenman of the USS Port Royal, the 350-crew guided missile cruiser docked at Mina Zayed for three days, says that Mina Zayed offers the US Navy “a great port facility, helpful staff and  great infrastructure.”

Speaking at an onboard reception co-hosted by the US Ambassador to the UAE, Michael H. Corbin, Captain Weilenman added: “We love being in Abu Dhabi. It’s our first time here in the city and it’s a great opportunity for the crew to relax and take a break.”

The cruiser, based at Pearl Harbour in Hawaii, arrived in Abu Dhabi after spending three days in Dubai. It is in the Gulf on normal military operations. The USS Port Royal follows in the wake of the USS Hopper which also spent several days in July in Mina Zayed as part of multi-national training operations in the Gulf.

ADPC CEO Tony Douglas welcomed the missile cruiser to the Port : “We are proud to continue our strong association with the US Navy and we are very pleased that they have chosen to visit Mina Zayed. I was impressed by my tour around the Hopper, and I feel just the same about the Port Royal. These are awesome ships.”

Mr Douglas, joined by ADPC’s Vice President of Ports Operations, Captain Mohamed Al Shamisi, and Captain Jaber Al Shehhi, Acting Harbour Master, Mina Zayed, mingled with government, diplomatic, military, and business guests including the US Ambassador, Mr Corbin.
The ambassador underlined Captain Weilenman’s comments about the port: “We have a very impressive ship docked in a very impressive venue. It’s a celebration of our relationship with Mina Zayed and an opportunity to strengthen the US-UAE relationship. This is very strong. It’s my job to support American business here, especially as we work with the UAE in its constructive and moderate role in the region.”

Source: adpc, October 17, 2011