Russia: Sevmash Shipyard Completes Preparation of SSBN Alexander Nevsky for Sea Trials


Sevmash shipyard (Severodvinsk) has completed preparation of the first serial Project 955 Borei nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) Alexander Nevsky for sea trials, reports Interfax referring to Navy Main HQ. In the next few days the sub will take the White Sea for the first time.

The sub’s crew was earlier formed under command of Capt 1 rank Vasily Tankovid; personnel has passed training course in Obninsk naval training center and probation period on SSBN Yury Dolgoruky.

The decision to start sea trials of Project 955 first and second serial subs was made by Russian Navy command and Sevmash directors on Sept 30, 2011. Laid down in 2004 and launched in Dec 2010, SSBN Alexander Nevsky has already passed mooring trials. According to the source, while preparation for sea trials, the sub was degaussed, i.e. hull magnetization was reduced in order to protect from sea mines and to improve accuracy of onboard navigation equipment.

SSBN Alexander Nevsky is built under modernized Project 955A which basically differs from Project 955 in larger number of SLBM Bulava launch tubes (from 16 to 20). At present, Sevmash shipyard constructs the third (second serial) Project 955 submarine SSBN Vladimir Monomakh. Besides, the yard prepares to lay down the fourth Borei-class sub – SSBN Svyatitel Nikolai.

Having displacement of 24,000 tons, length 170 meters and beam 13.5 meters, Project 955 submarines are capable to move at up to 29 knots. Their endurance is 90 days. Apart from Bulava ballistic missiles, Borei-class subs are armed with six 533-mm torpedo tubes. In prospect, Bulava-armed Project 955 submarines are to become the core of Russia’s naval strategic nuclear shield.

Source: rusnavy, October 18, 2011