USS Arleigh Burke Officially Finishes Joint Warrior 11-2

Training & Education

Guided-missile destroyer USS Arleigh Burke (DDG 51) pulled into HMNB Clyde Oct. 14, officially ending two weeks of multinational, multi-warfare training exercises known as Joint Warrior 11-2.

During Joint Warrior, the crew of Burke worked alongside servicemembers from more than a dozen countries completed events that allowed them to work toward eventual deployment certification.

It was invaluable training, and when we work together with other countries on future real-world operations, we’ll really cash-in on this experience,” said Lt. Lewis Cooper, Destroyer Squadron (DESRON) 26 intelligence officer.

Cooper joined several other U.S. Naval officers who provided staff support to HMS Bulwark (L 15) during the exercise, helping aid an international coalition of partners in a variety of specialty areas from submarine warfare to public affairs.

It gave me a new appreciation for a global force, as I was an American lawyer working alongside French and Royal Marines under a British commander working through NATO rules,” said Lt. Carina Podgorski, Judge Advocate General Corps officer.

Burke participated in multiple combat training evolutions, ranging from anti-submarine warfare to guarding allied ships during amphibious landing exercises.

Joint Warrior 11-2 put a large emphasis on counter-piracy operations, and the visit, board, search and seizure (VBSS) team from Burke performed multiple boardings under different circumstances. The VBSS team boarded their first vessel of the exercise to verify cargo, and continued boarding ships under deteriorating situations, ending with a final simulated boarding of a merchant vessel that had been hijacked by pirates.

The scenario for Joint Warrior is a territorial dispute between two simulated, rival nations. A multinational force enters the equation to protect shipping lanes and help foster economic stability as the situation between the two fictional nations deteriorates and tensions escalate.

As Joint Warrior continues, simulated pirate activity increases and more naval exercises take place as both countries bring in their navies to protect their interests.

It took a lot of coordination between the crew and the ships participating,” said Culinary Specialist 1st Class Robert Lyles, the master-at-arms for Burke.

The situation got tense and there were a lot of training evolutions happening at the same time.”

During its participation in Joint Warrior, Arleigh Burke received the necessary certifications for an upcoming deployment and the crew gained confidence from working in a tense and evolving tactical environment.

Joint Warrior, a United Kingdom-led, biannual event that encompasses multi-warfare exercises, presents a unique opportunity for the U.S. Navy to train alongside naval personnel from various countries.


Source: navy, October 18, 2011