Iran Dispatches Warships in Red Sea


Spokesman for Iranian foreign ministry confirmed intentions of his country to dispatch naval force to the Red Sea.

Naval presence in the Red Sea and navigation in international waters is Iran’s legitimate right, reports MIGnews citing the diplomat. As for him, it is important step towards maintaining security of Iran and the region.

Recall that Iranian Navy Commander Habibullah Sayari said late in Aug that 15th task unit consisting of surface ships and submarines would be dispatched to the Red Sea. Officially, the reason for deployment is “counter-piracy operations”, Sayari said.

Alongside with that, Iranian defense ministry declared about sending of two warships to the Red Sea to be stationed off neighboring Egypt. As a high-ranking military official said then, strengthening of naval presence in the Red Sea was caused either by terror acts near Eilat or Israeli’s military operation held in those days on Sinai Peninsula.

Source: rusnavy, October 20, 2011