Construction of SSBN Vladimir Monomakh Goes on Schedule


Project 955A nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) Vladimir Monomakh (serial number 203) is being prepared for wiring works, told a source in Sevmash shipyard to Central Navy Portal.

Laid down on the 100th jubilee of Russian submarine fleet (March 19, 2006), the sub is built by JSC Sevmash. At present, the yard’s main task is to prepare the sub for coming delivery.

According to the source, experts of JSC Arktika recently started works in another hull section. Assembling of general-purpose systems is going on actively. Internal compartments have been already painted and insulated; special coatings are being assembled as well.

Generally, the shipyard keeps to the submarine construction schedule; there have been no work collapses. Water pressure tests were successfully completed. SSBN Vladimir Monomakh is the third Borei-class sub for Sevmash shipwrights, they have achieved necessary experience and gained good working pace. According to the source, launching of the serial Borei-class submarine scheduled in 2012 will happen at an appointed date.

Brief characteristics of SSBN Vladimir Monomakh (Project 955A Borei):

Displacement – about 18,000 tons
Dimensions: length – 172 meters, beam – about 14 meters, draft – about 9 meters
Full speed: surface – 14 knots, submerged – 27 knots
Test depth – about 400 meters
Endurance – 100 days
Main propulsion plant: 2 nuclear reactors with thermal power of 190 mW, 50,000-shp turbogear assembly
Armament: D-30 Bulava missile system (16 ballistic missiles R-30 Bulava), 4 x 533-mm torpedo tubes (12 torpedoes)
Sonar – Irtysh-Amphora-B
Tactical data system – Omnibus
Navigation system – Medveditsa
Crew – 110 men (including 50 officers)

Source: rusnavy, October 21, 2011