Sea Trials of New Italian Carlo Bergamini-Class Frigate Starts


Sea trials of new Italian Carlo Bergamini-class frigate (FREMM project) have been started, reported Italian Navy. The new frigate is designed for antiaircraft/antiship/antisubmarine warfare, delivering strikes upon enemy ships at sea and at basing sites, fire support of landing operations, destruction of ground targets, and other tasks.

FREMM-class frigates are built for Italian Navy in antisubmarine and attack variants.

Externally, a FREMM frigate resembles project HORIZON destroyer. The difference is separated funnel and mainmast. The ship has flush-decked steel hull and one monoblock bulkhead. Stern part of the bulkhead and smoke funnel are made of fiberglass. Lateral surfaces of the hull and bulkhead are 10-degree inclined. A number of construction solutions were introduced into the project in order to improve vibroacoustic characteristics and protect from mass destruction weapons. Stealth technology was implemented as well.

Laminated composite materials and special coatings were used in the bulkhead construction.

Instead of 10 frigates planned to be built till 2020, it was ordered 6; two of them has been already laid down. Construction of lead frigate Carlo Bergamini was started in 2008 at Fincantieri Riva Trigoso shipyard; the ship is to be delivered in 2011. The second frigate was keel-laid in 2009, delivery term is 2012. Cost of a serial ship is about EUR 500 mln.

Source: rusnavy, October 21, 2011