Admiral Nirmal Verma Addresses International Seapower Symposium in USA

An International Seapower Symposium was held in New Port, Rhode Island, USA under the aegis of the US Naval War College . The theme of the 20th edition of the symposium was “Security and Prosperity through Maritime Partnerships.”

More than 110 nations, with 75 heads of Navy and 22 heads of Coast Guard, attended the Symposium. Admiral Nirmal Verma addressed the symposium in its inaugural session on 19 Oct 2011. Drawing attention of the world leaders of Navies and Coast Guards to the need for united action against piracy, Admiral Verma reflected the Indian stand that “the international efforts towards combating piracy would benefit if there were fewer disparate task forces and independent naval operations. India’s relative autonomy of efforts towards combating piracy off Somalia can be traced to its preference for a UN mandated operations which we believe if adopted would holistically enhance the efficacy of operations”.

Source: indiannavy, October 24, 2011