Russia: Baltic Fleet ASW Helicopter Squadron Conducts Flight Drills



Pilots of Baltic Fleet (BF) ASW Helicopter Squadron conducted flight drills. The plan included practice of takeoff and landing techniques at Donskoye military airfield, flights to assigned sea zone for air reconnaissance, and search of “enemy” submarines in day and night time.

Night flights take specific place in training program of helicopter pilots. Each of them should be able to control helicopter in limited visibility conditions, i.e. perform flight tasks, takeoff and land on ship deck only by instruments. In the night time helicopter pilots carry out such drills as over-sea flights, detection of an “enemy” submarine, and instrument approach. Aircrews of search-and-rescue helicopters Ka-27PS took part in training flights as well. Such helicopters are capable to support fleet operations within 200-km radius and accommodate up to 12 persons. BF Search and Rescue Helicopter Squadron is ready to render assistance to anyone distressed at sea.

Source: rusnavy, October 24, 2011