USA: BlueView Technologies Releases ProViewer Plus

BlueView Technologies Releases ProViewer Plus

BlueView Technologies the world leader in compact acoustic imaging and measurement technology, released ProViewer® Plus that includes advanced target tracking analytics by SeeByte.

The new upgraded version of BlueView’s operating software for its 2D Imaging Sonar now includes a new feature that enables real-time tracking of up to ten (10) targets.The powerful target tracking analytics delivers streaming target data and sonar imagery for monitoring and automating navigation applications, including dynamic positioning and real-time navigation control. Users can easily select areas and target groups that are ID coded and highlighted on screen with key data attribute displays. As is with all BlueView 2D Imaging Sonar products the new target tracking feature works while in motion or from a stationary position making it compatible for multiple deployment options. ProViewer Plus is available for purchase through BlueView direct, authorized agents, and sales representatives worldwide.

BlueView Technologies COO Jason Seawall commented, “This powerful new feature will take BlueView sonar to the next level by seamlessly enabling advanced operations like mid-water dynamic positioning for ROVs and real-time target monitoring for research and defense groups.”

BlueView is the leader in 2D imaging and 3D scanning sonar solutions with more than 500 installed systems worldwide. BlueView Technologies’ advanced sonar systems are currently deployed on AUVs, ROVs, surface vessels, fixed installations, and portable tripods, and have been adopted by leading manufacturers and service providers to support mission critical operations. BlueView customers enjoy a low cost of ownership with reliable operation, exceptional service, in-person training, extensive online information, and worldwide after-sale support.

SeeByte is renowned for the development and application of software base solutions for the offshore energy and military sectors. SeeByte software adds enhanced capability to a range of underwater sensors, vehicles and integrated systems.

Source: seebyte, October 24, 2011