USA: Master Chief Petty Officer of Navy Speaks at 29th Submarine League Symposium

Master Chief Petty Officer of Navy Speaks at 29th Submarine League Symposium

Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON) spoke at the 29th Annual Submarine League’s Symposium Oct. 20, reflecting on the high quality of today’s Sailors, future challenges and the programs in place for Navy’s continued success.

“The future of our submarine force, the future of our Navy for that matter, is very bright due to the quality of the young Sailors who are choosing a life of service and sacrifice,” said MCPON (SS/SW) Rick D. West. “It starts with great leaders challenging our young Sailors to be better every day, like some who sit here today – many of who shaped my career – supporting our Sailors and their families.”

The theme for this year’s symposium was “Forging the Way Ahead,” focusing on organizational progress the Navy and submarine force are continuing to make.

This has been a big year for the submarine force, leaders have challenged their force but have given them the tools to succeed. From extinguishing the smoking lamp underway, to successfully utilizing breathalyzers on board (achieving a nearly 50 percent reduction in ARIs/DUIs), to welcoming our first female submariners aboard in a few weeks, the submarine force has placed leadership and an aggressive communications strategy at the forefront to ensure success,” said West.

During the symposium, select officer and enlisted Sailors from across the submarine force were given awards for their distinguished efforts throughout the year, including support of submarine acquisition, logistics support and technology development programs.

“It’s always fulfilling to be a part of recognizing our great Sailors watch them receive accolades for their hard work and dedication they give our great Navy and nation,” said West.

The Naval Submarine League Symposium is an annual meeting that covers history, ongoing programs and future programs incorporated within the Navy’s submarine force.

“It is my belief we should all take the time to affiliate with organizations that support our Navy,” said West.

Source: navy, October 25, 2011