Russia: Pilots Of Western Military District Hold Night Training Flights


Pilots of Western Military District held scheduled night training flights on Su-27 fighters at Chkalovsk airfield, Kaliningrad region, reported Baltic Fleet Information Support Group to Central Navy Portal.

During the drills, pilots practiced takeoffs and landing approaches in severe weather conditions, “attacks” upon low-altitude air and land targets, advanced aerobatics, and combat maneuvering at low and middle altitudes.

Among mandatory elements were imitation of battle fight and compelling an intruder aircraft to land.

The fighter squadron previously subordinated to Baltic Fleet in this year joined army aviation of Western Military District. Pilots spend much time in the air, and their training program has become more complicated. To conduct joint flights and drills, pilots and instructors arrive in Kaliningrad region from all across Russian Air Force.

Source: rusnavy, October 26, 2011