Russia: Salvage Tug Returns to Pacific Fleet Rescue Service


Powerful salvage tug Alatau returned to Pacific Fleet (PF) rescue service.

Built in 1983 by Admiralteyskie Verfi shipyard in Leningrad, the vessel had been serving in Indian Ocean for a long time maintaining Russian Navy’s warships. Through this time, crew of Alatau took part in several ship-rescuing operations.

After a decade of strained work, since 90’s the vessel has been mothballed for over 15 years at one of shipyards in Vladivostok. Pacific Fleet does need such vessels as it increasingly sails ocean zone. In this connection, PF command found sources to finance the tug’s repairs.

After replacement of basic systems, the renewed vessel returns to the fleet’s high-readiness force.

Following the old tradition, the tug’s crew decided to consecrate the ship. That honorable service was done by archpriest Viktor who had been serving in a nuclear submarine for many years.

In the next month Alatau will arrive at her permanent basing site in Strelok Bay to start performing assigned missions. Next year, Alatau will take the ocean within a task force.

Source: rusnavy, October 31, 2011;