Bulgarian Navy Decommissions Last Submarine


On Nov 1, Bulgarian naval ensign was hauled down from Slava, the only submarine in Bulgarian Navy. Hence, Bulgaria has lost submarine fleet.

“For the first time through recent 50 years Bulgaria has no submarines left, because keeping operable of Slava submarine built far back in 1960 is beyond the country’s strength”, said Bulgarian defense minister Anyu Angelov.

Bulgarian Navy’s submarine division commander Capt Kamen Kukurov handed over the ensign and jack of Slava to director of naval museum in Varna.

Submarine Slava was built in 1960 in the Soviet Union. She joined Bulgarian Navy in 1985. Bulgarian naval servicemen are proud of the fact that submarines Slava and Nadezhda (decommissioned in the last year) have been never detected by up-to-date foreign surface ships during naval exercises.

“Retirement” of the only serviceable submarine triggered indignant protest of experts and people connected to Bulgarian Navy, citizens thinking of national security. While we’re abolishing this branch, neighboring Turkey creates mighty submarine fleet”, points out Bulgarian online moreto.net.

Source: rusnavy, November 03, 2011;