Russia: Northern Fleet Seagoing Minesweeper Laid Up for Damage Repair


Seagoing minesweeper Vladimir Gumanenko was laid up for repair of damages suffered at exercise, told an informed source in defense industry to Central Navy Portal.

Northern Fleet (NF) seagoing minesweeper Vladimir Gumanenko (Project 12660) moored at overhaul quay of Nerpa Ship Repair Plant late in Oct. During recent minesweeping exercise, the ship suffered damage – a dint with hull rupture; now Nerpa plant will have to shut it up, reported the yard’s press service. It is planned to complete all repair and recovery works in a month.

NF press service did not confirm the information about Gumanenko’s serious damage. According to the fleet’s spokesman, “the ship was laid up for scheduled repair and docking”.

Seagoing minesweeper Vladimir Gumanenko is a flagship of NF Minesweeper Brigade.

In Aug 2011 ships of a minesweeping task unit including Vladimir Gumanenko worked in Okskaya Bay, Kara Sea near Yamal Peninsula searching and disposing explosive objects remained since the Great Patriotic War.

Source: rusnavy, November 03, 2011;