UK: Ministry of Defense Announces Tender for SM NDP Team Pilot


 The Authority has identified a requirement to establish a Submarine Naval Design Partnering (SM NDP) Team Pilot. The SM NDP will consist of a rainbow team to be available to undertake technical work on behalf of MoD.

This will provide MoD with access to a wide range of skills within the SM Enterprise and will be achieved by inviting selected companies to sign an umbrella partnering agreement with supplementary enabling arrangements for specific work. The nature of the tasking for the SM NDP Team Pilot will fall into two roles and is based around the MoD’s management of  the work to be contracted out:

Role 1: Providing through-life technical support to the SM Operating Centre (OC) in its Intelligent Customer (i.e. Safety Duty Holder and Design Approving Authority) role so that MoD can make appropriate choices and decisions on material presented by its Tier 1 contractors (Technical Authorities) across both new acquisition (e.g. Successor and Astute Class submarines) and support (e.g. Vanguard and Trafalgar Class submarines);

Role 2: Supporting  management studies and pre-Concept whole boat submarine design studies. In the future this would be extended to Concept Design phase studies.

Such work includes:

The development of design and technology strategy options for future capability delivery;

Dealing with emerging technical issues in current platforms;

Identification of a programme of work and the funding necessary to sustain critical niche technology capability in the Submarine Enterprise. The requirements and resources for the SM NDP for Role 2 will be driven by the MoD-led Submarine Technology Management Cell (STeM) which will identify the requirements based on endorsed technology roadmaps.

All work will be placed as individually contracted tasks and the full scope of the task and the required deliverables will be developed when the tasks are raised for contract action. As the SM OC Technology Roadmap matures over the coming months, additional individual tasks may be defined and prioritised by the STeM Cell and also by the SM OC’s Functional Groups. These will be programmed for execution as their priority warrants in lieu of some of the directed activities already identified.

Tender Details: Negotiated Procedure
Dated: 18/10/2011
Deadline: For Expressions of Interest: 16.11.2011

Source: MoD, November 04, 2011