USS Leyte Gulf Receives Award for “Best of Class” During Fiscal Year 2010


USS Leyte Gulf (CG 55) received the the Naval Supply Systems Command and Navy Exchange Service Command Ship’s Store Retail and Service Excellence Award Oct. 27 for “Best of Class” during fiscal year 2010.

The Best of Class award signifies a superior level of service and excellence provided to the crew above and beyond the normal service provided on other ships of their class type. Each winning ship is judged and selected by a panel of Type commander and NEXCOM subject matter experts. This comprehensive award covers the range of services from proper management of the barbershop to the laundromat and the ship’s store.

“We are the best in the Fleet,” said Cmdr. Nicole Ponder, Leyte Gulf’s supply officer at the time the department was nominated for the award, “From the start of the supply maintenance certification (SMC) to this point, this crew went above and beyond what was asked of them.”

Echoing those sentiments, Lt. j.g. Dave Lalanne, the ship’s food service officer, said the award was the product of the group’s hard work.

“I was fortunate to have a team that had great ideas and great work ethic. And, my chain of command gave me and my division the freedom to get the job done successfully.”

“The long hours and hard work paid off; we were successful because we do our best to please the crew and to make sure they have everything they need,” added Ship’s Serviceman 1st Class Megan Bailey.
Source: navy, November 04, 2011