UK: BMT Isis Signs Contract to Provide Safety, Environmental Support for HMS Protector

BMT Isis Signs Contract to Provide Safety, Environmental Support for HMS Protector

BMT Isis, a subsidiary of BMT Group Ltd, the international design, engineering and risk management consultancy, has been awarded the contract to develop and sustain the Safety and Environmental Case Report (SECR) and to provide safety and environmental management support for HMS PROTECTOR.

The vessel previously known as MV Polarbjorn, has been leased by UK Ministry of Defence from GC Rieber Shipping and is to become the interim ice patrol ship replacement for HMS ENDURANCE.

Following a competitive tender by Defence Equipment and Support, Minewarfare, Patrol and Hydrographic Team (MPH Team), BMT Isis was awarded the contract in September 2011 for three years during which time the ship is to be maintained in Class.

Steve Golder, the BMT Isis Project Manager, commented: “Our task will be to deliver an appropriate statement of the vessel’s safety and environmental status supporting HMS PROTECTOR during the 2011-2012 deployment in the Antarctic austral summer. Although BMT Isis has had some visibility of the vessel and its key stakeholders prior to contract award, the SECR has to be delivered by 31 October 2011.”

He continued: “The BMT Isis team strategy for delivery of the SECR has been driven by the absolute need to fully understand the expectations and requirements of the Operational and Platform Duty Holders. The SECR will recognise the limitations of use as the ship’s crew work up evolving processes and procedures for operations during this initial deployment.”

Under contract to the MPH Team following separate competitive tender activity, BMT Isis has also developed the Safety and Environmental Case for the Survey Motor Boat (SMB) James Cairn IV which will provide HMS PROTECTOR with its shallow water hydrographic survey capability.

The vessel entered Portsmouth Naval Base as MV Protector for the first time on the 23 May 2011 after undergoing a refit programme in Denmark. She was officially named HMS PROTECTOR on 1 June 2011 and was commissioned into the Royal Navy fleet on 23 June 2011.

Source: bmt, November 07, 2011