Colombian Navy Captures Another Cocaine-Carrying Submarine


Another cocaine-carrying submarine was captured on Nov 4 by Colombian Navy with assistance of national air force and US Navy. Last time three submarines carrying drugs were detained in June 2011.

According to Colombian Navy’s release, the sub was detected 50 miles off Colombian port Cartagena. During attempt to seize the submarine, the crew scuttled the sub and escaped on fast-speed motorboats.

Divers managed to shut flood valves, hold the sub afloat and tow her to port.

Reportedly, the submarine was capable to transport up to 3 tons of drugs.

Colombian drug mafia has been using submarines since 1993 for illegal cargo deliveries to the US. In total, authorities have managed to intercept over 70 such submarines.

Experts recognize permanent improvement of quality and technological equipment of such vessels. Two earlier confiscated subs were capable to move underwater being almost invisible.

Source: rusnavy, November 08, 2011;