Navy Finds Vessel with North Korean Refugees


A vessel with twenty North Korean refugees was found in the Yellow Sea off South Korea, reports Associated Press on Nov 5. According to the news agency, the vessel was detected several days ago near one of the islands off South Korea’s western coast. The national navy was informed about the vessel found first.

No details were reported, although AP informs there were 21 refugees on board. Through recent months, that is the largest group of refugees found by South Korean authorities.

Normally, most of refugees are deported to DPRK. For instance, in Feb 2011 over 30 of them were found on a boat heading for South Korea. Only four of them were allowed to stay because they accepted official status of deserters. Nevertheless, DPRK blames the neighbor saying North Koreans are detained against their will.

Source: rusnavy, November 08, 2011;