Ukraine: BSF Celebrates National Unity Day


Festivities associated with the National Unity Day were held at Black Sea Fleet (BSF).

A solemn meeting took place in the BSF Officers’ Club. Among attendants were members of BSF Military Council, representatives of Sevastopol city administration, city council, Ukrainian Navy command, BSF servicemen, veterans of the Great Patriotic War, and residents of Sevastopol.

The meeting was opened by BSF Commander Rear Admiral Alexander Fedotenkov pointing out that “November events of 1612 remind us that we Russians are strong only when united and behave as integrated whole. People are the backbone and guarantee of Russian statehood. Looking up to the predecessors’ glory, current generation of Black Sea Fleet sailors aspires to perform duties, and the fleet will cope with this paramount mission”, concluded the BSF Commander.

A festive concert was given after the meeting.

BSF servicemen could attend festive performance in Sevastopol Sailors’ Club and excursions to Black Sea Fleet Museum. Literary soiree called “Unfadable heroism of Minin and Pozharsky” was held in Admiral Lazarevich Naval Library. In the evening, actors of BSF Lavrenev Drama Theater gave a performance for the fleet’s servicemen and their families.

Source: rusnavy, November 08, 2011;