Ukraine: Black Sea Fleet Pays Honors to People Dead on Ship Armenia


Black Sea Fleet Pays Honors to People Dead on Ship Armenia

Medical personnel, BSF servicemen, representatives of veteran and public organizations convened in Sevastopol at moorage wall of Black Sea Fleet (BSF) Pirogov Hospital to pay honors to people dead on ship Armenia.

Transport ship Armenia left Sevastopol for Tuapse on Nov 6, 1941 with injured personnel and passengers on board; underway, the ship called at Yalta to evacuate wounded soldiers.

Armenia was attacked by German torpedo bomber He-111 on Nov 7 at 11.25 am abeam Gurzuf. The plane dropped two torpedoes; one of them hit the ship’s bow. Armenia sank at 11:29 am. At least 5,000 men died including all staff of four naval hospitals from Sevastopol and Yalta. As of human victims, the wreck of Armenia is the biggest accident occurred in the Black Sea in the World War II.

Seventy years after the tragedy, mourning activities started on Nov 7 at 11:25 am at BSF hospital. Memorial service for Armenia passengers was carried out by Stephan, assistant of Sevastopol archpriest. The participants laid wreaths on waters of Yuzhnaya Bay, Sevastopol.

Source: rusnavy, November 09, 2011; Image: coastguard