USS Frank Cable Welcomes Republic of Korea Sailors

USS Frank Cable Welcomes Republic of Korea Sailors

Submarine tender USS Frank Cable (AS 40) welcomed Republic of Korea Sailors from the submarine ROKS Park Wi (SS 065), Nov. 7.

The ROKS Sailors were given a tour showcasing the Frank Cable’s multifaceted capabilities that included many of the repair shops as well as other departments throughout the ship.

“The Korean sailors came on board to understand why the United States Navy uses submarine tenders and what services they provide to the submarines whether homeported here in Guam, in a foreign port or out to sea,” said Lt. Cmdr. Shadrick Williams, Frank Cable’s assistant repair officer.

Korean sailors visited the carpenter, machine, pipe-fitting and sheet metal shops. They viewed the recompression chamber the divers use. They also shopped in the ship’s store, walked through the crew’s mess and toured the Medical and Dental departments.

“I heard of the Frank Cable so many times in the Ulchi-Freedom Guardian exercise that happens on a yearly basis near Korea,” said Lt. Kunwook Kang, the Park Wi operations officer. “Now, to see the ship I always heard about is very impressive.”

Kang said during a scenario in Ulchi-Freedom Guardian exercise, the Frank Cable sails to a damaged submarine and fixes it. After he toured the ship and observed the ship’s capabilities he said the Frank Cable is very capable of completing that mission.

Lt. Jimmy Suh, navigation officer of the Los Angeles-class fast attack submarine USS Buffalo (SSN 715), who acted as the translator for the Korean Sailors said he was glad that he was available to help out and make sure that they understand the Frank Cable’s mission as a submarine tender supporting the fleet.

“The comments and reactions the Koreans gave really showed that they got a lot out of their tour,” said Suh. “For them to look at the ship they always heard and talked about in their war games that they do on a yearly basis really helped out.”

Frank Cable conducts maintenance of submarines and service vessels deployed in the U.S. 7th Fleet area of responsibility.

Source: navy, November 09, 2011;