PEO LCS Delivers First Three Unmanned Surface Vessels to US Navy

Program Executive Office, Littoral Combat Ships (PEO LCS), delivered the first three unmanned surface vessels to the U.S. Navy’s Riverine Group One, Nov. 1.

Known as MUSCL, the Modular Unmanned Surface Craft Littoral, is an X-class unmanned surface vessel, designed to reduce risk to manned forces and perform tedious and repetitive surveillance tasks.

MUSCL is a two-man portable craft with capabilities that include intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions that provide real-time monitoring of suspicious vessels, personnel, and activity along waterways, shorelines, and under bridges and piers. The units can be employed from Navy riverine assault or patrol boats.

Riverine Group One personnel will maintain and evaluate the three delivered systems for form, fit and functionality.

PEO LCS is leading system development, production, and delivery of the system in partnership with the Naval Surface Warfare Centers at Panama City, Fla., and Carderock Combatant Craft Division, in Little Creek, Va.

PEO LCS, an affiliated program executive office of Naval Sea Systems Command, provides a single program executive responsible for acquiring and maintaining the littoral mission capabilities of the littoral combat ship class, beginning with procurement, and ending with fleet employment and sustainment. PEO LCS designs, delivers and maintains the systems, equipment and weapons necessary to dominate the littoral battle space and provide U. S. forces with assured access to coastal areas

Source: navy, November 11, 2011