Russia: Northern Fleet Surface Ships Complete over 50 pct of Fleet’s Training Activities

In 2011, crews of Northern Fleet (NF) surface ships have completed over 50% of the fleet’s training activities. In total, NF surface ships have spent 870 days at sea.

Twenty six NF surface ships took the sea in this training year. The crews have performed over 400 qualification drills, including 6 cruise missile firings, 45 antiaircraft missile firings, 100 gun firings, and 15 torpedo firings.

NF surface ships participated in long-range cruises, patrols, and joint exercises; foreign naval experts marked high professional level of Russian servicemen.

Large ASW ship Severomorsk headed by Capt 1 rank Andrei Klimenko returned from long-range cruise in Oct. The crew was on a half-year anti-piracy mission in the Gulf of Aden and had fully completed all assigned tasks. Large ASW ship Vice Admiral Kulakov headed by Capt 1 rank Alexander Mashinetsky joined high-alert force and attended the Pomor 2011 international exercise. Large ASW ship Admiral Chabanenko headed by Capt 1 rank Stanislav Varik had successfully completed long-range cruise, took part in the FRUKUS-2011 joint exercise, passed full course of combat training, and is ready for deployment within a carrier strike group.

In Aug 2011 seagoing minesweeper Vladimir Gumanenko commanded by Capt 3 rank Mikhail Utkin along with a special minesweeping task unit has effectively carried out mine search and disposal mission in Obskaya Bay, the Kara Sea.

The next training year will be eventful as well. NF mariners will face long-range cruises, joint exercises Barents 2012, Pomor 2012, Northern Eagle 2012. Combat Training Plan 2012 implies over 600 qualification drills with participation of NF surface ships, including exercises of tactical groups and the fleet’s all-arm maneuvers.

Naval Today Staff, November 16, 2011