USA: Phase I ERB Results Available for Command Access

Phase I ERB Results Available for Command Access

Phase I Enlisted Retention Board (ERB) results are now available for command access, according to NAVADMIN 342/11, released Nov. 14.

In accordance with NAVADMIN 129/11, Sailors selected for separation will be personally contacted by their commanding officer or officer-in-charge within seven calendar days of the release of NAVADMIN 342/11.

After the seven day notification period, individuals considered by Phase I of the ERB will be able to view their status on Bupers OnLine (BOL) for individual access.

Sailors considered by the board are classified in one of three categories in BOL.

S – Selected for retention

N- Not selected for retention

C- Selected for rating conversion.

The Phase I ERB reviewed the records of ERB-eligible E-4 and E-5 Sailors from 31 overmanned ratings. The board was charged with reviewing each candidate’s official military personnel file and any correspondence submitted by the member to identify the best qualified Sailors to receive the finite number of retention quotas available in a fair and transparent manner.

ERB Phase II, for E6-E8 Sailors, adjourned Oct 27. Phase II results will be reviewed by BUPERS for conversion opportunities prior to release. Commanders will notify ERB Phase II Sailors in the same manner as Phase I.

Sailors not selected for retention will have access to the Navy’s transition assistance management program and other benefits for members who are involuntary separated. This assistance will be proactive, comprehensive, tailored and supported by every level of the chain of command.

Naval Today Staff, November 16, 2011; Image: navy